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This week we did our first-ever marketing mailing. In fact, you might be reading this because you got a piece of mail with our name on it, and you came to our website to find out who we are and what we do. Thanks for doing that! Now, let’s try to make your visit worthwhile.
Deep Core Data is a Managed Service Provider. This somewhat generic term means that we bridge the gap between the blue sky notions you see in advertisements; such as “Use Microsoft’s Cloud To Build Your Business” or “Use SalesForce To Bring Customers To Your Company”, and actual day to day IT services and support. A Managed Service Provider strives to handle your IT needs now and as you grow. Unlike an in-house IT solution, you only use the amount of services you need… but have the option of adding services on demand. In a time when information technology is both required to be competitive in the modern economy and advancing quickly enough that even a dedicated professional can only keep up with so much, we make sure our customers have everything they need. A one-stop shop for all your IT needs.

So How Does It Work?

Easy, just give us a call.

Understanding where a client is at the moment is critical to understanding what they need. We usually propose a slate of 3 options for a customer; ranging from entry level “basic service and support maybe once a month,” mid-level “moderate service and weekly support” or business tier “high level service and daily support.”
Early on you will meet the member of our team who will be your organization’s main contact. Nobody knows everything so many people will support you whether you’re a global firm or a single driven professional working from a coffee shop in Back Bay. Your contact is the person who talks through your concerns with you and the person who finds the resources you need to be successful.

The Ways We Are All Alike

We support all Core Services.

These Core Services are things every business needs: Email. Website. Domain Name. Secure Data Storage and Backups. Protection from malicious scammers and hackers. We live and breathe these systems every day and we support them on all major platforms: Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and even entirely in-house solutions. We cover all of these with our basic per-user pricing model or our individual professional package.

The Ways In Which We Differ

Molded to fit your business, not ours.

For example, our clients in the finance and law field are extremely concerned with data security and auditability. Their priority is the ability to record every person who saw or interacted with a document and to keep tight controls on those. We leveraged existing security options in their software to suit those needs. Manufacturers tend to be more concerned with efficiency and ensuring that the time required to take an order from received to shipped is minimal. We automate their existing software tools to add speed and reliability. Service firms are often deeply concerned with making sure their consultant force can access their time and expense system from anywhere in the world and that they can get their invoices out within 72 hours of the start of the month. We set up the platform to enable constant contact and then made sure it doesn’t go down. We work with all of these types of companies, and we understand that even using the same products one solution isn’t always right for everyone.

The Panic Call: When the Chips are Down

If you talk to a set of our customers, you will rarely hear about the work we do getting user licenses acquired and deployed, helping people set up their new mail on their new iPad, or how we spend 2 years training and deploying the latest cutting-edge technology to improve reliability and ensure our customers don’t fall behind their competitors. They remember “The Panic Call.”
Sometimes “The Panic Call” is when an employee accidentally deletes every file on the network drive. Sometimes “The Panic Call” is when everyone comes in Monday morning to find their desktop wallpaper has been changed to a ransom note from a hacker. And sometimes “The Panic Call” is when the CFO’s email has been hacked and the system is sending out fake invoices.
When the chips are down, it’s important to have a number to call. It’s critical to have somebody you can reach out to who has seen this kind of thing happen before and knows what to do.

Why Deep Core Data?

For most companies, Information Technology is a burden. We can lesson that burden. But we also make the difference between stumbling through an increasingly complex Internet economy or making it a non-issue. A good Managed Service Provider is invisible daily but appears like a superhero in times of need. Give us a chance and let’s face the future together.

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