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Touchless IT

Protect Yourself from Viruses Physical and Virtual

Deep Core Data “Touchless IT” is a package of services we offer to customers in far-flung regions where it is difficult to get trained professionals on-site. The mountains of Colorado, the Alaskan taiga, or downtown Boston in the winter. In addition to all our normal services (email, collaboration, helpdesk, cloud management, etc.) we provide a no-contact solution for our customers. Using a combination of remote presence and first-class service, we can configure, secure, and administer your network from our headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts. It’s like having someone right there.

How Does It Work?

Touchless IT is a set of services we developed to help support customers who preferred not to have site visits for cost or convenience reasons, but it has become a real asset to our portfolio in the age of COVID. For our Managed Users customers, we still provide all the top-shelf service for handling day-to-day administrative tasks, but we also avoid any chance of contamination by shipping ready-to-run hardware to your office for you to plug in yourself. No complex manuals, because we already know what your configuration is, and put easy-to-read stickers right on the hardware to make setting up even the most complicated equipment on the same level as plugging your router at home. Once our equipment is setup, we can access it remotely to finish the job.

Not Just for Safety

Obviously, avoiding unnecessary contact and keeping social distancing is a driving factor for some of our customers, but also many simply want to know what is going on with their own equipment, and so they prefer the easy-to-follow instructions and professional support Deep Core can provide. You know what every piece does because you put it there! We’ll make it easy as pie for you to keep track of the big pieces of the puzzle, while we take care of all the details.

No Waiting for A Tech To Come

Don’t worry; we’ll talk you through it. If there’s a problem on-site that we can’t fix remotely, we’ll talk you through what needs to happen. Whatever your comfort level — if you’d rather have a part shipped back and replaced, we’ll send you the shipping label. Comfortable pulling apart a $2,000 piece of equipment to find out what’s wrong? We’ll take you through all the steps to get you back online.

Real life is complex right now — make life easier with Touchless IT from Deep Core Data.