The Deep Core Data Process: Software Archaeology

This is an example of the services that we at Deep Core Data, LLC can provide you. For more information, please visit our Software Archaeology page.

At Deep Core Data, we pride ourselves on finding the most effective and efficient solutions to your problems. When it comes to updating old and worn out technology, we won’t try to just upsell you the most expensive machine or waste your time with costly, one size fits all procedures. We tailor our services and recommendations to you, and make sure that we consider every aspect of your present and future needs.

Bringing your software environment into a much healthier and safer state starts with a consultation with one of our software archaeology experts. A quick phone interview or email exchange will help us get a handle on what your situation is, what the state and age of the system you’re looking to replace is, and how we can help you. We’ll discuss what stage of the decision-making process you are in: estimating upgrade costs, determining when to purchase, or actively working on new installations. We can also assist you if an issue with the current system has forced your hand and you’re looking to quickly move to a new solution.

Once we’ve determined the best way to help your business, the next step may be follow up communication and a site visit by one of our experts. In some cases, problems can be solved during initial contact, and rest assured that we will never try to drag out the process for our own personal gain. Our priority is always to make sure our customers receive the care they deserve in a reasonable timeframe. However, if your issue does require a more in-depth solution, we are ready to guide you through the process. On a site visit, we will evaluate the system first-hand, and will talk with users, administrators, technicians, and others involved to learn how this system communicates with its users and other computer systems. This will help us determine what more modern solutions and upgrades are appropriate for your particular system.

The evaluation visit results in a report that we will issue to your company, with an optional presentation of our findings. In this report, we will present an itemized estimate of the current cost of running your system, along with a risk analysis of likely failure modes and cost. We will then provide at least three options for possible replacement systems, evaluated on a basis of many attributes, including :

  • cost
  • compatibility
  • similarity to your existing system
  • ease of training or hiring new IT personnel
  • ease of retraining users
  • overall quality

If appropriate to you project, we can also gather bids from other firms on what the implementation costs would be for each solution. For some clients, that report will be the end of our involvement; they will either decide not to upgrade after all, or will proceed with one of our upgrade options. If you do elect to upgrade, we can furnish project management resources and provide general contracting services to organize, execute, and deliver your upgrade on the basis of our report.

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