The Best IT Support Tool Ever

There are a lot of IT Support tools we use regularly at Deep Core Data, and that I have used in other roles. Many of them are good. Some are even great. 

There is only one that I would describe as “the best,” though, in part because it’s almost impossible to beat the low price of “completely free,” the robustness of “supported across the planet for more than seventy years,” and the simplicity of “easily fits on a single sheet of printer paper.” 

I’m talking about the NATO Radiotelephony Alphabet, also called the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. You may have seen it before, especially if you’ve worked in medicine, the military, or telecommunications. This tool is a system of words to represent every letter and number in the Roman alphabet, developed during and after WWII to be usable by the Allies.

You can read more about its history here:  

Compared to spelling things like email addresses and website URLs with improvised spelling alphabets like “A for Apple, B for Boy,” it is much, much likelier to help you to understand and be understood across a huge variety of cultures, native languages, and audio qualities. 

I have used it regularly for years, and recommend it to everyone. 

For more information about tools and processes that can improve your professional life, please feel free to contact Deep Core Data today. 

And without further ado, here it is: 

Public Domain FAA radiotelephony alphabet and Morse code chart, via Wikipedia
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