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Thanksgiving is over and the holidays are coming up fast. Although we’re a little late for Hanukkah, which started December 6 and runs until December 14, there’s still plenty of time left in the season of giving. Now, the individual technophile in your life has probably already given you a list of all the neat gadgets they’d like, if they haven’t already picked them up for themselves, but what about the ones at work? For those of you wanting to give your employees or coworkers a surprise this season, these branded tech gift ideas are sure to spread some holiday cheer at the office.

USB Drives

USB drives, flash drives, thumb drives, jump drives; regardless of what you call them, the thing about USB drives is that you can never have enough USB drives. They’re small in size, so they get lost easily, or even just randomly misplaced.  And doesn’t it seem like no matter how many you think you have, there never seems to be one around when you need one? But even if you’re the kind of person who has got all their jump drives in a row, when you’re working in the IT industry, there’s always room for one more.  Here’s a few USB drives that those of us at Deep Core Data think are pretty nifty, and just a little bit harder to lose.

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USB Wrist Band
The LIVESTRONG silicone wristband trend is one that’s been going strong for near ten years now. With no sign of the finish line in sight, why not add some practicality to your fashion statement? Not to mention, it’s a lot harder to lose or leave behind a USB drive that you’re wearing around your wrist. Do you have a presentation in an hour you made a powerpoint for? Just load it up to the USB, slap it around your wrist, and you’re all set!


Credit Card USB Drive
One of the big issues with standard keychain USB drive’s is that they’re not very well protected. Key chains get tossed in purses and bags, get dropped on the ground, or otherwise just get lost or misplaced. These USB drives are roughly the same size as a credit card and fit neatly into wallets, making them easily protected from the hazards of a loaded bag and the environment.


Bellevue Pen Drive
You know what else is like USB drives? Pens. There’s always a use for them, and no matter how many you think you have, they always seem to go missing, usually lent out to coworkers who forget to return them. Well, you’ll want to hold on to this pen, because guess what? It’s also a USB drive.

USB Hubs

Large IT companies sometimes issue laptops, which may not have enough USB ports for all the things a user may need; after all, at least one slot is almost always taken up by a mouse. Even if your company doesn’t have the kind of budget to hand out laptops, states that as of Spring 2015, 155 million people in the United States alone own a notebook or laptop. So passing out one of these custom branded USB hubs is sure to make someone’s day for the year to come.

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Flip Up USB Hub
Very simple and straightforward in design, flip up USB have plenty of space for a logo design, and their rectangular size means they can fit right up against the side of a laptop, minimizing the amount of space taken up. This design option even comes with a micro USB port for transferring data from devices such as an iPhone or an iPad.


Tangle Hub
Speaking of not taking up space, tangle hubs are even better at making use of limited space than the compact flip up hubs. While their bright colors and unique design add an element of fun to an otherwise boring accessory, the ability to rotate each segment individual means that they can be twisted and contorted into a number of configurations, making it even easier to plug USB cords and thumb drives in no matter the space restrictions.


Bot Boy USB Hub
While the other hubs listed emphasize function, the Bot Boy USB hub is just plain fun. That said, with a grand total of five USB ports, and the ability to flip and rotate each one of his “limbs,” this little desktop companion is nothing to sneeze at, either. A delightful blend of whimsy and functionality, add a little character to your employees’ desks with this determined little worker.

Computer Accessories

Do you feel your employees have enough USB drives? Are they all on desktops and don’t need a USB hub, but you still want to get them something for their computer? Never fear! We picked out a few computer accessories that will be sure to make your employees’ holiday season merry and bright!

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Optical Mouse
Now that those laptops have plenty of ports available, it’s time to stick things in them. While a computer mouse isn’t necessary on a laptop, most people still prefer optical mice. Though the touchpad and trackpoint nub have their pluses, nothing is quite as precise as a mouse, and having the right and left click buttons and the scroll wheel right at your fingertips is incredibly convenient. Save your employees the trip to Best Buy with this branded handy, foldable USB mouse.


Calendar Mouse Pad
With your employees fully equipped with a mouse and plenty of ports to chose from, all they need is a mousepad. Sure, optical mice work just fine without them, but they certainly work better with them. And with 2016 practically in sight, why not get them a calendar while you’re at it? With a calendar mouse pad, they’ll always have the date right in front of them, so hopefully they won’t lose track of when those important meetings and deadlines are.

Travel Mugs

While the last item on our holiday gift list isn’t particularly high tech, it is sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter what industry your company is in; travel mugs. Everyone has a warm beverage of choice, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and so it goes without saying that they’ll need something to drink it from. And while coffee mugs are certainly preferred around the office, travel mugs have the bonus of being useable on the commute to and from home.

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Standard Silver Travel Tumbler
There’s not much that needs to be said about silver travel mugs. A classic design, almost everyone has at least one of these residing in their cupboards. But even if your employees already have one, a back up travel mug won’t hurt, especially not when it’s sporting your company logo. If one travel mug accidentally gets left at the office one day, they still have one more waiting for them at home.


Plastic Water Bottle
Okay, this one isn’t a travel mug, but it is a drink container, and it’s just as likely to come in handy in and out of the office. Sure, you can drink water out of basically any drink container, but water bottles are portable, making them just as useable during the ride home as they are in the office. Coffee isn’t the only fluid consumed by employees, after all. Hydrated employees are productive employees!

Now, each of these items do come in bulk, so you might not think they aren’t suited to small businesses or start-ups. Not so! While you may have more than your fair share leftover, consider handing them out to clients, networking connections, or in swag bags at conferences as promotional material. Because these handy items are branded, people will be sure to think of you every time they use them!

And don’t forget, those of us at Deep Core Data want to hear from you! Is there a gift you think we missed? A recommendation you’d like to add? Got a beef with free USBs? Feel free to let us know by adding a comment below, or reach out to us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page!

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