Some Data Personnel Aren’t Worth Maintaining On Staff

The field of Database Operations is necessary for almost every company in today’s economy. A wide selection of experienced and capable Database Administrators (DBAs) are currently in the industry, including Deep Core Data’s trained and well-supported DBAs and countless talented independent experts. Database Operations, though, is a multi-faceted field. Frequently, the DBA who is exceptionally good at providing reporting for your executive team and quickly integrating customer data into your applications is considerably less experienced at tasks like resolving complex performance issues or optimizing interaction between a cluster of Virtual Machines and a large set of SQL Server Instances.

This situation is entirely appropriate, and demonstrates that your on-staff data personnel are focusing on their core competencies to provide maximum value to your business. At Deep Core Data, we maintain a stable of expert database professionals who practice the lesser-used but very important parts of database operations, from building and spec’ing new hardware clusters to squeezing every last ounce of performance out of existing systems. We provide vendor-agnostic strategic planning services, and vendor-specific expertise in a wide variety of platforms.

When it comes to wrestling with intractable performance issues or making major infrastructure upgrades, don’t spend resources and assume risk to make your personnel learn skills they’ll only use once or twice: call in the professionals who do this every day. We do it faster, with greater confidence, and we stand behind our work at every step.

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