Refinance Your Technical Debt!

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We’re not an army of little men, but we’ll work with the same attention to detail.

Your network is slow. You’re spending half your screen time waiting for progress bars. Starting your computer in the morning is a process you have to plan your day around, and IT doesn’t have the time or resources to deal with it.

This is a problem almost every business has. As computer systems age and gain complexity, compromises need to be made. Systems designed with one set of assumptions in mind have been repurposed and extended to meet the demands of a changing business. It isn’t that mistakes were made, it’s that shortcuts were taken and expedience was prioritized. At some point in the past, you (or one of your predecessors) made the choice to do it fast, and borrow against future time. Now that loan is coming due, and you’re paying far more interest on it than you expected.

Deep Core Data is here to help you out. Sometimes it just takes a fresh set of eyes with decades of technical experience in IT to help find the bottlenecks that are holding your business back. Deep Core Data can, in a very short engagement, come in and diagnose problems that have been haunting your organization for months or years. By running stress tests, checking for outdated hardware, and running memory tests, we can start clearing out unneeded clogs in your system.  We can even weed out pesky malware and bugs that may be causing undue stress to the network. With as little as a day’s visit to your site, we can trace which parts of your systems are slowing you down, and deliver a report on what changes need to be made, what equipment will make a meaningful difference, and what we estimate parts and labor will cost.

Once we’ve identified the cause of your system strain, we’ll devise and deliver a detailed plan for the implementation of improvements. With a concrete action plan in hand, you can take our detailed suggestions and have your own IT organization implement them, or even ask us to implement it immediately! You can even have another consulting firm to come and make the modifications. Our IT improvement plans are detailed and accessible enough that any experienced IT team will be able to understand and implement them with ease.

Wasting time waiting on slow computers and connections is a drain on company resources and productivity, but it doesn’t have to be. We can take the time your IT team can’t spare to pinpoint just what’s holding your network up and deliver a solution, helping you to erase your technology debt and recover precious time. Bringing in Deep Core Data, with our years of technical experience and fresh perspective, is an investment towards your future success.

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