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We’ve all had to adjust in the age of Coronavirus, and Deep Core Data is no exception. In addition to doing the vast majority of our work from home, we’ve taken the relatively low-touch contact we’ve had with customers all the way down to no-touch.

One of the most difficult processes to adjust has been bringing new customers onboard. Normally when a new customer starts with us, we have what we call the survey phase, where we visit the site, physically examine the hardware we’ll be responsible for, and so on. For a variety of reasons, this kind of interactions became impractical for a number of our customers starting in March of 2020.

We responded by altering our processes. We’ve started leveraging our experience with certain vendors and products to create our own “No-Touch Managed Services.” We looked at the absolute minimum amount of work we needed to do at a client site, and the absolute maximum we could do off-site, and now with a set of screenshare sessions, and a shipment of easy-to-install equipment, we can provide all the services to our new customers that we provided to our pre-COVID clients.

How does that work?

Onboarding with Deep Core Data in the age of COVID is easy. We have an introduction call with you, determine what technology you use, how you use it, and where you use it. Once we have a sense of what your organization’s IT layout is, we’ll ask for a screenshare call so we can get details on how your system connections both to your users and to the public Internet. Once that’s done, we’ll give you a quote for how much your agreement with us would be, and how much you’ll be saving over your current arrangement. Finally, we’ll determine if you need any new hardware to be protected to our standards. If we decide there is something you need, we’ll provide it at our expense. You’re just responsible for the startup fee (1 month’s service) and then monthly payments per user. Even our pricing model is simple: $75/user/month if you’re buying your own hardware, and $150/user/month if we’re providing hardware for your users.

If you do need hardware, we’ll preconfigure everything in our lab and ship the hardware to you. You just need to plug and play. We can even do a video conference to your phone or tablet you walk you through the process. No mess, no fuss.

Keeping Your Company Secure

Many companies that were caught off-guard by the pandemic ended up with jury-rigged solutions to accessing their files. Some are using LogMeIn or TeamViewer to get into their work computers, some have just opened up their firewalls so employees can get in from home with minimal security to keep intruders out. When we bring on a new customer, we make sure they have a solution that protects their network, included in our setup. Using Cisco Advanced Security Appliances, IPSec VPNs to the cloud, and highly encrypted VPN connections, we make sure only the people who are supposed to be in your systems can get in, and everybody else is kept out.

More so than ever before, your company is your data and your people. No-Touch Managed Services protects both from viruses.

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