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Your legacy system is not the only thing in your office that needs maintaining.

We’re already researching vendors, products, and features to support your legacy system, let us find the ideal combination of technology and infrastructure to support the rest of your business as well. With the same care and attention to detail that we attend to your legacy systems, Deep Core Data can help you minimize the vendors you use to satisfy your needs, allowing for faster communication, less downtime, and better product compatibility. Software from one vendor will also have similar usability, which will cut down considerably on the time it takes each employee to learn and navigate it.

While working with multiple companies can offer competitive pricing and mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in, it is harder to keep track of the spectrum of product licenses you’ll need, there are more possible points of failure, and products may have overlapping or redundant features. Between hardware purchases, annual fees, monthly subscriptions, and payroll, licensing and billing can become extremely confusing and time consuming as the amount of invoices that must be constantly managed begin to pile up quickly.

Deep Core Data goes above and beyond the scope of many IT providers by managing the accounting aspect for you. We will not only help you determine which hardware and software you need; we will also manage purchasing, licensing, and maintaining your infrastructure. Our in-house team of experts is able to work autonomously, freeing you from management and payroll responsibilities. With our managed service package, you only have to write one check each month, and everything is taken care of.

With all your IT operations streamlined to their utmost potential, it is important to ensure that these systems remain operational. Be it user error or server overload, there will almost certainly come a time where a company’s infrastructure is threatened. Without proper organization and management, these threats can turn into major interruptions and loss events, costing the company thousands or even millions of dollars in lost time, data, and technology.

Don’t let your business fail because you’ve overlooked the weakest link in your infrastructure. Deep Core Data is highly experienced with preventing these disasters. We are able to provide you with your best options for security vendors, as well as protocols to minimize the chance of malware, ransomware, and other hacking incidents. Through network and performance monitoring, we can catch server issues early and find the best solution before they get out of hand. And on the offchance a loss or downtime situation does occur, our emergency specialists will work to maximize recovery and return systems to operation as quickly as possible.

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