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Whether your an independent professional who just needs a virtual shingle to show the world you exist, to a multinational who needs a support group for their support group’s support group, we have a plan to fit you.

Core Business

Just getting started? Thinking about getting your toes wet with an online presence? Know you need a webpage and a custom email address, but you’re not sure where to start? We can start you off for just $30/month with a web page, a domain name, and up to 25 email addresses for your organization. We have a basket of upgrades for you as well, if you decide you want to use Office 365, GMail, AWS, or any of a host of other services. Start your journey with Deep Core Data!

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Per-User Managed Services

For companies that are growing and need real IT support, aren’t big enough to justify a full-time IT guy. Get a number for anybody from the CEO to the janitors to call with their questions, and get your email, files, websites, printers, and everything else actively managed so you’re not just waiting for the next thing to break. Simple pricing helps you plan for the future — $75/user/month if you provide the equipment, $150/user/month if we do (term commitments may apply.)

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Hourly Services

onboarding tech

If you don’t really need somebody running your whole IT department — you just need a hand from time to time. Your CTO or IT Director has things under control, but nobody knows everything in this industry. Sometimes you just need a team you can count on, who stays abreast of your systems, who can step in when your IT guy is out on vacation, or to handle a particular project you don’t want to hire an employee for. Whether it is spot coverage or launching whole new services, we have you covered.

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