Innovation Spotlight: LogicalPromotions Puts Your Logo In the Hands of Customers

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Company: LogicalPromotions
Interviewee:  John Reiner

We sure are a society that loves selling ourselves on the internet. But while marketing online is the fastest way to reach thousands of people at once, nothing beats good old in-person networking to really make an impression. And what better way to make sure potential leads don’t forget you than by leaving them with some sweet branded swag?

The only problem is that there are hundreds of branded promotional shops online, so how do you choose? You could just go with the first website that pops up, you could spend hours researching and comparing prices, or you could just go to LogicalPromotions.

According to TechCrunch, AOL spent about $300 million on these CDs.

In ye olden days of the 1990s, LogicalPromotions owner John Reiner worked in custom packaging, primarily in the software industry. He often managed products like the AOL disks you used to get once or twice a month in the mail.

However, as technology advanced and the printing industry changed, Reiner realized his company needed to evolve with the times. Based on the way the industry consolidated and people marketed their products, promotional materials seemed to be the, well, logical choice.

Promotional material, and retail in general, is an ever changing industry that Reiner hopes to keep on top of. According to Reiner, products ten years ago were being sold through a catalog, and buyers had to call in to a center to place their orders. Now, buyers are searching the products they need through Google, but the process is still as complicated as ever. This is mostly thanks to the plethora of choices and because of the way the printing impacts pricing, quantity, detail, and shipping prices.  

Reiner’s goal is not to just be another option on the market, but rather to create a user experience that makes it easy to buy promotional products online, often without talking to anyone on the phone or sending emails.

And why is he so focused on making the user experience as solid as possible?

“It comes down to commodities,” he says. “We sell certain pens, and so do our competitors.” Reiner knows his products aren’t unique (which is honestly the way this industry tends to work), but he’s certain that the LogicalPromotions approach to marketing and selling is. For example, unlike other companies that periodically offer promotional sales, Logical Promotions consistently maintains the same low pricing all year long.

This is only the tip of the promotional pen iceberg.

What makes this model so attractive? In the fast-paced world of face to face marketing, promo swag gets handed out and passed around like hand sanitizer between kindergarten teachers. This means that if a business wants to stay on top of their marketing strategy, they need a better choice than sitting around waiting for a sale or spending hours searching for a cost-effective option. Smart marketers want products that are always in stock, available, and reasonably priced, which is exactly what LogicalPromotions is offering.

Additionally, Reiner wants to add a level of responsiveness and transparency that is sorely lacking in many promotional sites these days. Instead of having to click through multiple screens to figure out all of your printing, shipping, and quantity options, he wants to provide an experience where everything changes for you in real-time, on one page. No more constantly pressing the Back button, and no more sneak charges at the final checkout screen.

Of course, getting LogicalPromotions to this stage hasn’t been a cakewalk. Reiner believes that anyone can start a company, but it takes some luck, foresight, and capital to be successful at it. The devil is in the details, and Reiner has found that the hardest part about running a company is working out the logistics, rolling with the punches of time, budget, and expectations, and determining which problems really need addressing.

But dealing with frustrations and setbacks isn’t the most important thing for a leader to focus on, according to Reiner. He feels that it’s his job to make sure LogicalPromotions has a culture and environment where employees go home in the evening and want to come back in the morning.

Making sure his employees feel successful and can see how their job impacts the company itself is very important to him. By addressing his employees’ core values and determining who wants to work with and be surrounded by, he’s created a strong team of people who are interested in the community and the team, who have can-do attitudes and want to solve problems.

Ultimately, he believes, being successful comes down to who we are as individuals and how we pull together as a team.

Then again, having affordable, high quality swag doesn’t hurt either. Reiner recommends the Nike Golf shirts.

Sleek, stylish, and you can have your logo either embroidered or silk-screened onto the shirt.

Note: As of this posting, LogicalPromotions is working on a full-scale site upgrade that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing ahead of time. We highly recommend keeping up with them on social media for updates on the new rollout.

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