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Local Waltham-Based MSP

Deep Core Data serves clients around the world, but home is in Waltham, Massachusetts. Local businesses can take full advantage of our services as we are opening up our global-level support offerings to local businesses at rates competitive with any other Managed Service Provider.

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Core Services

Whether you’re an independent professional or a leading manufacturer, you need a few core services in today’s economy. For anybody to take you seriously, you need a domain name, email and a website. These are largely three items non-negotiable today. Deep Core Data can independently host your website and email, or we can host it on your behalf through Microsoft, Google, or Amazon’s respective services. Starting at just $30/month, we can get you up and running and looking professional for 2019.

Technical Support

Having IT support that works for you as opposed to being paid to upsell you, or who is incentivized to get you off the phone and onto somebody else’s technical support department as soon as possible is extremely important. Better yet, because we’re located in downtown Waltham, we’re only a few minutes’ walk or drive away if a personal touch is needed. Bring your machine to us, or we’ll come to you.

Per-User Pricing

For most customers, per-user pricing is the easiest to budget for an manage. At $75/user/month, Only pay for users who use computers in the course of their daily work, so if you have a large group of line workers or warehouse staff, you won’t be penalized. Minimum 5 users.

Systems Management

Maybe you have just been shopping for the best deal for years. Maybe you’ve been buying up competitors. Whatever the reason, you’ve found yourself with a mix-and-match of software, devices, services, and all manner of other things. When something breaks, it takes hours or days to fix to it, assuming you don’t just learn to live with the broken system. Worse, it seems every support person you talk to blames the issue on somebody else. We speak the language, know the technologies, and can coordinate with all the providers you work with to get your issues resolved.

Project-Based Work

Do you have a project that needs to get done once that falls outside the normal coverage of our operations? Is there just that one thing that would make your business flow so much better if you could just get it done? Deep Core Data can put together a by-the-hour bid with whatever specialists are needed to get your project up and running ASAP.

Server & Storage Rental

Are you being taken to the cleaners by AWS or Azure on a monthly basis? Are you spending huge amounts on hosting dozens of machines that are racking up tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in charges every month? There are better ways! Give us a call to either buy your own machines and have us maintain them for you, or rent VM’s on our cluster to help control costs in your organization.

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