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Most companies have one…

…A machine sitting in the back office that nobody knows really knows how to operate.

Take a moment to think about it. What are the pieces of software you interact with every day? What are you thinking about replacing, but don’t have the budget for?  It could be your accounting system. It could be inventory management, or the shipping system. Maybe it’s the timecard system that’s powering payroll. Whatever system it might be, it’s mission-critical.  Unfortunately, it’s also as old as dirt. If it broke, who would you call?

You’re not even sure of when it was backed up last.  Can it be backed up? What would you do if it stopped working and there was no way to recover the system?

You’d might be closed for days.  You might lose customers. You might fall out of compliance with record-keeping regulations.  You might never reopen.

You’ve been ignoring it, because there are more important things on your mind. After all, it’s an internal issue, and the disruption to daily operations could be costly. Thinking about the total time and money investment required for upgrading a legacy system is enough to give you a headache. Where do you even start?

Obtaining new software can be very expensive; sometimes there’s a big upfront cost to buy it, sometimes there’s an ongoing maintenance fee. Every user who is going to use the new system needs to be trained. New ways to do things the old system let you do, but the new one doesn’t need to be investigated.  Hundreds or thousands of hours of productivity could be lost just learning how to use the new system.

Almost every other IT company out there tries to sell you a new solution, a new program, or a cloud alternative. What if you just want support for the system you currently have?

For about a thousand dollars a month, Deep Core Data will take responsibility for old data systems companies have no other practical means of supporting.We can ensure that your old legacy system doesn’t die, and if it does, we will promise that it will be backed up in a way that can be resurrected quickly and efficiently.

In many cases, we can even improve your existing system’s performance; boost speed, fix reliability issues, and add more modern backup solutions, like point-in-time rollback and redundant servers.  Legacy systems are often vulnerable to ransomware attacks, but Deep Core Data can make sure your system is properly shielded.

Most software systems are built to last three to six years.  Many businesses use them for at least ten, long after the manufacturers stop supporting them.

Don’t live in fear of your legacy system. Deep Core Data can extend the life of your legacy system with minimal interruption to your daily operations.

Extend the life of your legacy system today.

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