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At Deep Core Data, we have the privilege of working with innovators from many technological fields.

Thanks to our growing network of clients and their customers, we have engaged with a wide array of industries, including:

  • Web application development
  • eDiscovery

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Data governance

  • Retail
  • Healthcare technology

  • Email marketing
  • Telecommunications

Data Recovery experts

Problem: A data-heavy client was the victim of multiple ransomware and malware attacks, as well as corrupted file system. Attempts to recover data only led to further loss.

Solution: Deep Core Data took a two-step approach to the incidents. First, we carefully restored the data that was still available on the local servers, and created backups to prevent further loss. We then went through a series of steps, on a case-by-case basis, to determine where the vulnerabilities were appearing. We were able to trace problems to multiple sources, some of which we could assist with using software and network solutions, and some which were personnel issues.

Results: In one case, the data saved prevented a 10-month setback. By navigating the corrupted system correctly, we were able to make it so that only one week’s worth of data was lost, saving the company potentially millions of dollars (and multiple clients).

people looking at a computer screen together

Problem: A client had been using a free email provider for business accounts, as well as multiple different types of licenses for employee office software. The limitations of these (storage size, licensing renewals, etc.) were becoming increasingly apparent as time went on, and were at the point of becoming unsustainable.

Solution: Deep Core Data took all 75+ user accounts and transferred them onto Office 365, including a complete email migration. Additionally, we mapped out a licensing model that would get all employees on a regular renewal cycle and get them all the same level of service. We will be managing the licensing going forward, so that the client doesn’t need to stay on top of the accounting aspect of the process.

Results: The client has reduced storage capacity issues and licensing mismatches to 0%. They can also onboard new employees 5x more quickly because of the process laid out using the single vendor method and licensing plan.

Problem: A client’s product was affected by a recent change to federal law. Because of the change, their potential customer base was set to increase dramatically by 2018 (possibly ten-fold or more), and their current fulfillment applications were nowhere near robust enough to handle that level of increased load.

Solution: Deep Core Data created a completely new platform for the client, using all of the company’s current data and following the protocols required for tax preparation. We built the backend as well as the interface, so that all employees could search for the required records quickly and efficiently. Upon launch, we travelled to the client’s site (over 3,000 miles away) and deployed the platform on their servers. We also stayed to train important personnel on the system, so that they could feel empowered to run the application without us.

Results: Measurable results remain to be seen, as this was recently implemented, but we project that the client will be able to manage at least 75% more customers than they would have been able to without an updated system.

user onboarding

Problem: A non-profit public television network was seeking to upgrade their website, but their current designers/hosts were not providing the support they said they would for the price they were paying. The network had a new designer, but required hosting as well.”

Solution: After thorough research into their current hosting situation, we discovered that not only were they using a third party host (which was never disclosed) but also other mistruths, such as the fact that the network was given false information on the true cost of hosting. After determining the size, traffic, and multimedia requirements of their site, we realized that their old designers were charging them way too little, which was likely why they were dishonest about being proactive and supportive. After explaining how much we would likely charge for a site of this capacity, they were unable to engage with us for budgetary reasons. However, we felt a responsibility to clear up the falsehoods they were told and suggest multiple possible options to help them feel comfortable within their budget.

How it Helped the Client: The network walked away feeling relieved that they hadn’t been taken for a ride yet again. They were grateful to have good information on what they can expect and afford, as well as a list of resources and providers that could take care of them within their budget. Even though we never signed a contract with them, we nonetheless provided the services that they deserved in order to continue growing and updating their image.