How to Deal with Business-Critical IT Problems

Information technology can both foster and hinder productivity in the workplace.  We use it to instantaneously communicate with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and vendors across multiple platforms in different time zones, regions, and countries.  Delays and interruptions in these communications are the cause of many IT related incidents and are one of the primary frustrations of users across the globe.  So, what exactly is reasonable to expect from modern day IT interruptions and what can we do when the unexpected takes us by surprise?

Some incidents are out of our control, such as when large providers such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft have outages.  Typically, we can expect outages to be segmented to different parts of the service, but not always.  For example, if an outage in identity verification is causing difficulties signing into accounts, it may be tricky  to avoid interruptions in other areas such as email or cloud services.  While we cannot directly influence or change the speed at which these problems are fixed, we can use resources such as Service Health Portals that provide us with information about the outages and let us know when to expect service to be back up and running.  When you have a Service Provider, they can help you to determine what type of behavior to expect from these outages and keep users informed, avoiding unnecessary frustration.

Other incidents are much more localized.  By far the most frustrating of these can be physical interruptions such as power surges or construction interruptions, which can cause damage to local network hardware.  This type of damage can affect common communication devices such as phones and on premises computers that house databases or applications that are critical to client work.  A good IT provider will encourage the use of systems that provide redundancy to minimize data loss and downtime.  While these changes may seem unnecessary or expensive, they are vital to ensuring that your company is able to continue business during unexpected events.  If an outage like this does catch you and your company off-guard, you can expect that it could take several hours  to multiple days for all functions to be back online as you wait for the provider to replace and reconfigure hardware.

When you need to know what choices are best for the backup and recovery needs of your company, a knowledgeable IT provider is an indispensable resource.  Reach out to us here at DCD and we can help you come up with a sustainable plan that fits your budget and requirements. Deep Core Data can ensure you’re prepared for any IT emergency.

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