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As we rework our blog to be the best it can be, we’ve been searching through the tech blogosphere to find the most interesting and insightful content out there. Take a look at some of our favorite blogs and share your own recommendations in the comments!

Coding Horror
This blog isn’t actually about bad coding so much as it is the interaction between software development and humans. It includes a recommended reading list for developers, and links to a couple outside websites. It’s a popular blog with the Deep Core Data crowd.


Joel On Software
A compatriot of Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror), Joel Spolsky is the CEO of Stack Exchange/Stack Overflow. While the last blog was written in January 2015, there are still a ton of juicy looking back articles to dig into, a few of which have been sorted into handy reading lists.


How To Geek
One of Deep Core Data’s blog writers stumbled upon this blog while doing research for a previous article, and has kept it in their reading regimen ever since. It has a nice combination of How Tos and informative pieces, in addition to snippets of geek trivia.


The Daily WTF?
Unlike Coding Horror, the Daily WTF? delivers exactly what the name implies. A funny, entertaining look at things going wrong in the IT industry. It includes a light article series titled “Error’d!” that contains humorous error messages, amusingly truncated headlines, and screenshots from around the web paired with snarky, acerbic commentary.


A news site with new articles about every half hour. It’s not a blog, and may not be the heaviest read you’ve picked up, but there’s plenty to read to keep you up to date with the tech industry.


Stack Overflow
Stack Overflow is one of the main sites developers turn to for solutions when things go wrong, so naturally, the blog is pretty great wealth of information too. A collaborative effort maintained by StackOverflow employees, there are many different kinds of articles to read. It also has podcasts!


Old New Thing
Recommended to Deep Core Data by a friendly, and enthusiastic Coder, Old New Thing contains a lot of, well… coding.  It’s a veritable font of Microsoft history, user interface programming, and a smattering of non-computer related snippets.


Twenty Sided
A break from all the hardcore software development blogs, Shamus Young’s Twenty Sided blog focus mainly gaming with a side of graphics and video game programming. The blog has been running since 2005, so there is plenty of geeky content to immerse yourself in while we’re down.

Are there any blogs you recommend? Which are your favorites? Post them in the comments! We’d love to hear back from you!

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Andrew is a technical writer for Deep Core Data. He has been writing creatively for 10 years, and has a strong background in graphic design. He enjoys reading blogs about the quirks and foibles of technology, gadgetry, and writing tips.

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