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The Ethical Tech Pledge: Bringing Humanity Back to Business Technology

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The worlds of business and technology have collided. Companies that are able to embrace useful, adaptive technologies will be poised to succeed in the coming years.

So if this is the case, why is there still a mental divide between business leaders and technology providers? Why do we still treat each other as adversaries, or try to take advantage of each other, when we know that we need each other to survive?

In order to combat this competitive climate, we have developed the Ethical Tech Pledge. We encourage all companies, both in the tech industry and out, to take this pledge and help us create a more peaceful and collaborative community.

The Ethical Tech Pledge

When engaging in conversations regarding business technologies, we must sit down at the table as equals. While an IT professional will best understand the possible hardware and software solutions available, only the company leaders know their people. By agreeing that we are partners in this endeavour, we can proceed with trust and mutual respect for each other.

While it is important to allow for billable communications and project management activities, a client should never feel afraid to ask an important question for fear of being charged for the answer. IT vendors have a responsibility to be accountable to their customers, and should never hide crucial details behind a paywall. Conversely, businesses should be upfront and forthcoming with information that can impact their vendors. It is unfair to withhold vital pieces of knowledge that prevent professionals from doing their job to the best of their ability.

Sometimes a vendor’s solutions or expertise are not suited to the needs of the client. In these cases, it is never considered ethical to lie, obscure, or cut corners in order to a win a contract that can’t be fulfilled to expectations. Use vendor networks and education to point companies in the right direction, even if it means missing out on a deal. A lost contract is better than a poorly fulfilled one.

The main goal of any business technology should be to improve the lives of the humans interacting with it. This applies not only to customers, but to the employees who will be using these platforms and networks to drive their careers. Technology should only ever be a tool to make the work day easier and more engaging, not a hindrance to work around.

An IT vendor’s job is not to replace current employees, but rather to free them up to do the jobs they want to do. Good technology allows a company to focus on growth, product enhancements, and customer service. Automation and robust hardware can do wonders to reduce the busy work that an employee has to deal with on a daily basis, allowing them the mental capacity to contribute meaningfully to the mission and goals of their business.

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