Happy New Year! Deep Core 2020

A new decade is starting, and Deep Core Data is deploying a new set of services, tools, and options for our customer in 2020!

In 2018 and 2019, we talked with our customers about their challenges and frustrations.  We’ve talked to them about what we liked.  We’ve even had a few opportunities to talk to potential customers who decided not to work with us in an open way, and taken that into account as well. Over the last year, we’ve been implementing new infrastructure for new benefits to our customers that will help them.

Although we’re an international company, we are spending 2020 focusing on improving our relationship with our local community in the Boston area.  In addition to our historical per-hour MSP model, we’re now offering more traditional per-user MSP support models all the way down to organizations as small as 10 users.  Our simple pricing model makes sure customers know what they’re paying, and can predict how their costs will grow as they scale.

Over the last two years we’ve also almost completely re-vamped our internal environment to take full advantage of Kubernetes and containerization technologies, and along the way we’ve learned how to help us customers make the best use of these technologies to reduce their costs, and to share infrastructure.  Customers using our on-prem hosting and colocation services have been experiencing a 50-80% drop in costs versus the same services on AWS and Azure.  We’re one of the best choices available for companies that spend less than $10,000/month on server costs.

Finally, we’re rolling out new services to our users and customers every 2 weeks for the first quarter of 2020.  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get updated on the new features and offers as they come out.  To start off, we have a feature our hourly customers have been wanting for a long time!

Since last year, our customers have been able to see time entries for their projects and pay their invoices in our portal, but now we’re giving them more control by adding our Project Task feature.  Previously, project tasks were handled differently for different clients, sometimes by email, sometimes by phone calls, and approval processes very widely varied.  Sometimes it was unclear if a task was approved, or if what our engineers thought the task was aligned with what the customer thought the task was.  Sometimes we lost days waiting for approvals that our customers didn’t even realize they needed to approve.  To try to simply that process, we’ve rolled out Project Tasks.

In the Deep Core Data Portal’s Projects page, there’s now a list of the tasks we are requesting permission to proceed on from the client.  The expected hours and the rate are listed right on the request along side the description, so the customer knows what they’re approving and for how much.  It’s like a tiny statement of work, increasing the resolution of control for our hourly customers, and ensuring that we understand how much time we have to dedicate to each part of a project.

How aggressively to use this feature is up to the customer; every activity can be approved through this new method, or it can only be used for activities above and beyond the defined statement of work.

If you’d like to learn more about this feature, check its page on our website.  If you’re interested in our by-the-hour support services, visit our page discussing those.

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