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It’s been a few very busy and exciting months here at DCD. Back in December, we announced that we were doing some major facelifts to DCD’s blog and site content. To that end, we rolled out our new vlog series, Let’s Talk Tech with DCD earlier this month (catch it on the blog or on our Youtube Channel).

And now, after many weeks of research and preparation, we have the pleasure of announcing our brand new website! It’s the same DCD that you know and love, but we’ve reorganized our content, and overhauled our service offerings to be more concise and relevant for our potential customers. You’ll also learn more about who we are, how we stand out as a company, and how we plan to help you succeed.

Check out some of our new features!

New Homepage

The new DCD homepage, ready to show you what we stand for.

When you visit a homepage for a company, you want to be able to tell what kind of business they are, and what kind of services they offer at a glance. DCD’s homepage has been optimized to show that the customer is our number one priority, and that we are committed to helping small businesses find solutions for their technical needs. See also our stats from last year, which demonstrate just how hard we’ve been working.

New Service Packages and Limited Time Offer!

Part of our effort to bring affordable services to you is the development of four specialized Service Packages. These pre-priced and ready-to-buy packages are a great way to get a specific project done quickly and accurately. We currently offer product packages for the following services:

  • Product documentation
  • Server hosting
  • Database optimization
  • Technical support platforms and staffing


From now until January 31st, all of our product packages are listed at a special promotional price, with savings up to 25% off! You definitely want to take advantage of these deals while they last.

The DCD Service Packages page, displaying three of our four pre-priced packages, currently being offered at a special promotional price.

Updated Service Offerings

The DCD Product Packages page, displaying three of our four pre-priced packages, currently being offered at a special promotional price.

Our service offerings aren’t just limited to our service packages. We’ve organized our service catalog into five easy to identify categories that suit most business needs:

  • Technical and Business Documentation
  • Software Deployment and Installation
  • IT and Technical Services
  • Software Development and Testing
  • Data Services and Solutions

If your business has an issue in need of resolution that falls into one these five categories, we invite you to check out the service pages on our website! Within each category, we explore more detailed listings of our services, presenting a few example problems a small business may encounter while offering solutions.

Expect even more from us in the coming months. If you have any questions at all, please drop us a line at info@deepcoredata.com or fill out our contact form.

Happy browsing!

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