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Project Description

Business Process Automation

Deep Core Data helps organizations re-think and automate their business processes. Thoughtful process automation can help organizations reduce errors, lower costs, eliminate bottlenecks, and free your employees to handle more complex or important issues.

Driving Value Through Process Automation

We review and analyze your current processes to identify inefficiencies and create a customized process automation solution that meets your exact needs. In fact, many companies that purchase a pre-packaged solution discover it does not quite fit their internal processes. We frequently customize boxed software systems to accommodate our client’s workflow.

Many industries and departments can benefit from automation, including:

  • Accounting: Most financial tasks are very rule-based. We help automate processes such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel and expense management, journal entries, and month-end book closings.

  • Insurance: This form and process-heavy environment can reap huge benefit from automation. For rating/quoting, underwriting, policy or claims administration, and even automated credit checks, we can optimize a digital workflow that simplifies the process and saves time.

  • Operations: We can automate manual order processing and create tight integrations with billing and CRM order processing. Most companies find their operations are evolving to incorporate new technologies, we can help with these integrations, streamline the workflow and reduce manual interventions.

  • Sales: We can solve customer service gaps by creating a custom integration between your CRM and order processing solutions, implement closed loop reporting, customize your Salesforce.com integration, create custom integration workflows for intake forms, and integrate communications.

Interested in more information?

To read about the automation process in action, Download our Case Study.

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