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Project Description

Our Company

Since 2014, Deep Core Data has been using technology to improve the lives of business leaders, employees, and consumers. Unlike many other IT providers out there, we believe that hardware and software solutions are not goals, but rather tools to help humans create an effective and meaningful work environment. We make it our mission to provide the education, services, and products you need to feel comfortable and fully in control of your company.

We are based just outside of Boston in Waltham, MA, though we help businesses around the country, as well as internationally.

The Core Team

John Brewer
John BrewerFounder and Chief Operating Officer

John Brewer, a college graduate at 19, has been trailblazing through the IT world for nearly 20 years. He spent 9 years at BackOffice Associates, an information governance and data migration firm, where he developed pioneering infrastructure strategies for data governance, and was responsible for creating an award-winning data quality enhancement tool in 2011. On January 2, 2014, he officially founded Deep Core Data, and currently serves as the company’s Chief Operating Officer.

When John isn’t busy running the company, he enjoys creating educational YouTube videos and taking on projects to help him stay in touch with his developer roots. Among his favorite activities are board games with friends and spending quality time with his wife and many pets.

“Making sure executives stay hands-on with both clients and employees is the only way to run a compassionate and competitive business. I wouldn’t want to work in a place where the leadership wasn’t intimately familiar with the trenches.”

– John B., Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Sonstrom
Andrew SonstromSenior Technical Writer

Andrew Sonstrom has always had a passion for graphic design and creative writing. With an interest in literature from an early age, he has focused his education on both technical composition and storytelling. Originally from Iowa, he moved to New England in 2013 and now runs most of the daily operations for the documentation team. In addition to creating technical guides for customers, he also manages and maintains the DCD blog, which updates every Thursday afternoon.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys reading blogs and drawing characters for D&D campaigns. An avid Terry Pratchett fan, he has read the entire Discworld series. He is also a skilled modelmaker, whose favorite creations are custom Gundams.

“The best part of the job is knowing I have helped a client find a solution to their problems. It means a lot that I actually had a positive impact on their lives, not just their machines. “

– Andrew S., Senior Technical Writer

Sam Brosius
Sam BrosiusSenior Infrastructure Engineer

Sam Brosius is a self-taught computer technician who started his technical education by building custom desktop computers for his friends and family. Over the years, he has been exposed to every aspect of the computing process, from hardware and server management to software infrastructure and programming. His main focus at Deep Core Data is to provide platform and network support for everything from testing to live server maintenance.

Apart from building computers, Sam is an avid sci-fi and anime fan, and enjoys both board and video games. As a former Team Fortress 2 semi-pro, he now enjoys playing Overwatch (as does the rest of the company).

“When working on a client project I often run into problems and scenarios no one has had before and I find that interesting. It’s fulfilling to identify the causes of problems, especially when they’re obscure.”

– Sam B., Senior Infrastructure Engineer