Data Loss Protection

At Deep Core Data, we’re often evaluating new technologies that are on the cutting edge of what’s available. More often than not, these tools are either too immature or too specialized to be broadly useful to our customer base. If there’s a real need for what they do, though, they will tend to grow into really useful products. One of those I’d like to talk about today is Data Loss Protection, sometimes called Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

The general idea behind Data Loss Protection is that most companies deal with at least some information that would be damaging for customers, employees, or other stakeholders if it were leaked. That could mean through a malicious breach, through accidental emailing of a spreadsheet, or through a mistaken posting on the website.

DLP technology scans emails, databases, and other repositories to detect when a piece of sensitive information is somewhere it shouldn’t be. It will read through the all the data in a device to determine if something that looks like a social security number, home address or other sensitive data is there. If it finds something sufficiently suspicious, it will hold the email, or flag the affected database or webpage, to prevent data that shouldn’t be getting out of the organization from doing so.

DLP has been a top-shelf technology for Enterprise customers for a long time, but it has matured enough to be within relatively easy reach of smaller firms as well. Even ignoring the legal liability, the reputational benefits for companies that deploy these technologies, especially in the medical or finance sector, are significant.

If you’re interested in how Data Loss Prevention can help enhance your company’s operation, reach out to Deep Core Data today!

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