Data Integrity and Security During Cloud Migration

One of the biggest growing pains in a small company comes from reorganizing to fit the needs of a larger customer base. In many instances this can mean transitioning to different processes and or software to help aid in expansion and tighten data security.

One example of this is moving cloud and email service providers. Recently we have engaged with a client who is experiencing rapid growth, looking to expand into new business developments. Considering their new security requirements and data needs, this makes them a perfect candidate for a move from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365. While Google Workspace has served them well, their team will benefit from the downloadable software, logging capabilities, and Active Directory services that will be available to them with Microsoft 365 licenses.
Migrating data stored in a cloud service can present some challenges. Especially with companies coming from a small business framework, we have learned that it is paramount to investigate user habits. An early investigation can help you establish where and how data is currently being stored, what problems you might encounter when moving the data, and what user habits might present as a challenge when trying to establish better security practices within the company. In our example, by speaking directly with users and doing a survey of their current services, we were able to discover that a recent domain change had caused an incomplete migration of several Google Drives. Many users were still accessing their old data directly even though this environment was to be removed. Had we missed this issue, there could have been significant data loss .

Other methods were also used to secure data in the future, including enforcing MFA on all user accounts, providing solutions for secure internal communication through Microsoft 365, and setting up trainings with users. This helped them get an idea of how to use this new solution and what to expect moving forward. Deep Core Data understands that it is difficult to keep track of all the tools that are at your disposal to make your company both efficient and secure. That’s what we’re here for! If your team is looking to migrate your data to a new email or cloud service, reach out to us to see what we can do to help make it a seamless transition.

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