Why to Trust Your MSP

Why to Trust Your MSP(or, Is My MSP Going To Rat Me Out?) There's a natural anxiety that crops up a great deal with small and medium business customers who are considering hiring an MSP, be it Deep Core Data or anyone else: will they discover my secrets and rat me out. Or on a

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Full IT Services

Full IT Services “Managed IT” seems like something larger companies use. It invokes images of high-priced consultants, enormous bills, and an impersonal helpdesk seat warmer hiding behind a small of forest of dialog trees. At Deep Core Data, we've found a better way for our small and medium business customers. First, we don't just provide

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Federated Infrastructure: How The Oldest Technologies Are The Most Reliable

Federated Infrastructure: How The Oldest Technologies Are The Most Reliable In the past year we've seen a number of huge tech companies starting to run afoul of world governments. Google, TikTok, Facebook, and others have all found themselves facing bans or restrictions of service in one country or another. The ability to communicate with people

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Securing Backups

Securing Backups Backups are heinously important. Keeping good data backups can be the difference between a data loss incident being a day-long inconvenience or an organization-killing disaster. One thing that isn't as often discussed, though, is securing those backups. We've talked at length previously about the importance of backups against physical disasters like fires and

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Hard Disk Failure Rates

Hard Disk Failure Rates This week we had an unfortunate series of coincidences that led us to take a close look at our backup and restore practices. To give you a little high-level insight into operations at Deep Core Data, we run a number of virtualized environments for different customers. In these environments, we do

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Data Loss Protection

Data Loss Protection At Deep Core Data, we're often evaluating new technologies that are on the cutting edge of what's available. More often than not, these tools are either too immature or too specialized to be broadly useful to our customer base. If there's a real need for what they do, though, they will tend

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Ransomware Rise

Ransomware Rise In the past few months, we've seen a pronounced uptick in cyber attacks of all stripes. However, the most directly destructive are ransomware attacks. For the blessedly uninitiated, a ransomware attack is when a piece of malware finds its way onto your computer and sets about encrypting all of your files. Once it

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Virtual Workstations Improve Data Security

Virtual Workstations Improve Data Security Deep Core Data serves a number of organizations with strict data management policies – with files and data that can't be accessed or removed from the sites they live on.  So how do you do remote work at a site like that?  Virtual workstations. Legal firms, accounting firms, doctor's offices,

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Phishing and Spoofing Schemes on Office 365

Phishing and Spoofing Schemes on Office 365 In the past year or so, we've seen an uptick in a particular methodology of international cybercriminals preying on US and Canadian businesses. Knowing what their tactics are can help keep you and your customers safe.The start of the attack is usually when the criminals obtain the Office

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