The Best IT Support Tool Ever

The Best IT Support Tool Ever There are a lot of IT Support tools we use regularly at Deep Core Data, and that I have used in other roles. Many of them are good. Some are even great.  There is only one that I would describe as "the best," though, in part because it's almost

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Top Ten Windows Shortcuts in 2022

Top Ten Windows Shortcuts in 2022 Many people prefer not to use keyboard shortcuts to issue commands at all, but they allow you to quickly complete a number of complex tasks, some of which I do every day. They may help you with everyday productivity. First, a note about modifier placement and keyboard variations; depending

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Top 4 Places to Invest in Your IT Infrastructure 

Top 4 Places to Invest in Your IT Infrastructure  Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to run a business without considering your IT budget, but many companies are prone to making cuts that can hurt long-term. While there are places where extravagant spending can be unnecessary, IT has become an integral part of the business world and

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Writing, Pointing, and Calling

Writing, Pointing, and Calling This week, I've been thinking about the techniques I use to handle extremely critical work in which close coordination and timing are paramount.  One technique that you've probably all heard about is writing. When handling dynamic, challenging situations, it can be very beneficial to take detailed notes. This is especially true

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Finite Options and Providing Reasoning

Finite Options and Providing Reasoning This has been a hectic, cognitively demanding week for us all here at Deep Core Data. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have had a lot of practice drawing information out of people who are under a lot of cognitive demand and have extraordinarily little mental bandwidth. Today I want to talk

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Unconventional Computer Naming Conventions

Unconventional Computer Naming Conventions There are a few different schools of thought on how to name computers. This is much lower priority and more playful than other batters, but there is a business objective that benefits from this light-hearted approach. Like cars and smart phones, computers don't need unique names if each person only has

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Managing IT In the Work from Home Era

Managing IT In the Work from Home Era There are a lot of reasons that the new push to work from home can be a positive experience for users. From an IT perspective, the ever-evolving meaning of the word “workspace” can pose a challenge. While IT support can be implemented in many situations over the

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Lock It Down

Lock It Down A few weeks ago, a client asked what the best way was to configure his Windows computer so that nobody could see his personal information when he stepped away. However, he also wanted all of his tasks and programs opened when he returned.  This reminded me that locking my computer is a

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How to Deal with Business-Critical IT Problems

How to Deal with Business-Critical IT Problems Information technology can both foster and hinder productivity in the workplace.  We use it to instantaneously communicate with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and vendors across multiple platforms in different time zones, regions, and countries.  Delays and interruptions in these communications are the cause of many IT related incidents and

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The World’s Most Wanted Unauthorized Account Access

The World's Most Wanted Unauthorized Account Access By now you have probably heard that you should use strong, unique passwords everywhere. And, MFA (multi-factor authentication) wherever it is available. Especially prioritizing your finance, email and video game accounts, because those are the ones most likely to be targeted by account theives. Today, I want to

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