Case Study: Technical Services2022-01-27T14:41:57-04:00

Technology Services companies tend to have very tech savvy users, but those users talents are best spent developing software, processes, and serving customers.  For this company, Deep Core Data adopted just their on-prem servers.  Taking servers that were just sitting under various users’ desks and putting them in a single place dramatically reduced the workload of the users taking care of those computers. This also kept these computers  secure.

Years later, their infrastructure had a license audit by Microsoft.  We handled the firm’s complete inventory of licenses and found some issues from improper installations  prior to our taking over their servers.  We resolved the issues and made sure the customer suffered no penalties or legal action from Microsoft going forward.

Finally, when their organization was eventually acquired, we helped transition their company into their new parent’s infrastructure. We kept their old servers running until they could be integrated or moved.