Case Study: Research and Development2022-01-27T14:47:33-04:00

A fast-growing component manufacturer found themselves with myriad regulatory responsibilities as they prepared to partner with much larger manufacturers and make their IPO.  They needed an MSP to walk them through meeting all the requirements put upon them, and they selected Deep Core Data.  Once the initial requirements were met, they had such a good experience that they selected Deep Core Data to assist in all IT elements of the company, from regular MSP duties to website support, lab operations, and more. 

The customer also needed considerable support with their research and development operations. They have a large lab with numerous scientists working there who need to run tests, and manage the large amounts of data those test generate both for their own and other teams’ analysis. We were able to help these teams use their extremely specialist equipment to move all that data on a regular basis both into a save backup environment, as well as into a cloud environment that made it easier for themselves and partners to access and work with the data.