Case Study: Financial Advice2022-01-27T14:41:22-04:00

In 2020, we began working with a financial services firm that had suffered a data breach. This was due to user credentials getting lose in the wild and the firm was concerned about their security.  They had to abandon their previous MSP due to pressure from partners and clients. Consequently, the firm adopted Deep Core Data as their new MSP.

To help them secure their systems we undertook a number of steps:

  1. Implementing MFA across their organization’s cloud resources.
  2. Establishing regular reviews of their technology.
  3. Standardizing company-issued computers, and ensuring existing computers were up to date.
  4. Removing remote-access technology that would allow a single attack with a single set of credentials almost unlimited access to the office computers.

Of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we also helped them transition to a fully remote office and helped dismantle expensive satellite offices that were no longer in use.  Eventually the Deep Core Data team became just an extension of their coworkers.

As a result, we radically increased the confidence this organization’s clients had in it, as well as gave them a better understanding of steps they needed to take to stay secure, and how their IT costs would grow as their organization grew.