Case Study: Electronics Manufacturing2022-01-27T14:43:19-04:00

A Boston-based electronics manufacturer had a control system for all the devices they had out in the field. This control system was originally built out by a recent college grad who had since left the company and left them with a  home-made control system with no support.  Deep Core Data came in, stabilized the system, and took over monitoring and control.  A third-party developer was brought in to take over the software maintenance.  Deep Core Data continued to be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and applications in the production environment.  The customer also had an internal policy mandating Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to be used wherever practical.

The customer was able to keep their existing and differentiating custom-built customer-facing system. This avoided having to hire an expensive internal resource (or several) with the many skillsets required to maintain an environment including Linux, Docker, MongoDB, Apache, Nginx, Redis, Etcd, PHP 5, PHP 7, and extensive bash scripting.