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Case Studies

Financial Advisors

In 2020, we began working with a financial services firm that had suffered a data breach. This was due to user credentials getting lose in the wild and the firm was concerned about their security.  They had to abandon their previous MSP due to pressure from partners and clients. Consequently, the firm adopted Deep Core Data as their new MSP.

To help them secure their systems we undertook a number of steps:

  1. Implementing MFA across their organization’s cloud resources.
  2. Establishing regular reviews of their technology.
  3. Standardizing company-issued computers, and ensuring existing computers were up to date.
  4. Removing remote-access technology that would allow a single attack with a single set of credentials almost unlimited access to the office computers.

Of course, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we also helped them transition to a fully remote office and helped dismantle expensive satellite offices that were no longer in use.  Eventually the Deep Core Data team became just an extension of their coworkers.

As a result, we radically increased the confidence this organization’s clients had in it, as well as gave them a better understanding of steps they needed to take to stay secure, and how their IT costs would grow as their organization grew.

Technology services

Technology Services companies tend to have very tech savvy users, but those users talents are best spent developing software, processes, and serving customers.  For this company, Deep Core Data adopted just their on-prem servers.  Taking servers that were just sitting under various users’ desks and putting them in a single place dramatically reduced the workload of the users taking care of those computers. This also kept these computers  secure.

Years later, their infrastructure had a license audit by Microsoft.  We handled the firm’s complete inventory of licenses and found some issues from improper installations  prior to our taking over their servers.  We resolved the issues and made sure the customer suffered no penalties or legal action from Microsoft going forward.

Finally, when their organization was eventually acquired, we helped transition their company into their new parent’s infrastructure. We kept their old servers running until they could be integrated or moved.

Electronics Manufacturing

A Boston-based electronics manufacturer had a control system for all the devices they had out in the field. This control system was originally built out by a recent college grad who had since left the company and left them with a  home-made control system with no support.  Deep Core Data came in, stabilized the system, and took over monitoring and control.  A third-party developer was brought in to take over the software maintenance.  Deep Core Data continued to be responsible for maintaining the infrastructure and applications in the production environment.  The customer also had an internal policy mandating Free Open Source Software (FOSS) to be used wherever practical.

The customer was able to keep their existing and differentiating custom-built customer-facing system. This avoided having to hire an expensive internal resource (or several) with the many skillsets required to maintain an environment including Linux, Docker, MongoDB, Apache, Nginx, Redis, Etcd, PHP 5, PHP 7, and extensive bash scripting. 

IPO Compliance

A fast-growing component manufacturer found themselves with myriad regulatory responsibilities as they prepared to partner with much larger manufacturers and make their IPO.  They needed an MSP to walk them through meeting all the requirements put upon them, and they selected Deep Core Data.  Once the initial requirements were met, they had such a good experience that they selected Deep Core Data to assist in all IT elements of the company, from regular MSP duties to website support, lab operations, and more.