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  • Cottage-Location

    Cottage-Location The gig economy has come to IT. Long ago, in the halcyon days of the 1990's, when people still distinguished between the World Wide Web and the Internet, it was not uncommon for websites, even relatively high-traffic websites, to be run from a computer in a person's house. Websites were simpler back then, usually just a couple of text files and some pictures. A "database-driven" website usually meant that you could leave a comment, and Amazon was a rinky dink online bookseller that couldn't seem to turn a profit. Hobbyists and professionals alike would install a webserver on their

  • Digital Fortresses: A Paradigm For Thinking About Your Network

    Digital Fortresses: A Paradigm For Thinking About Your Network Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, a company's network was the center of its operations. Few companies in the US use paper primarily for communicating information anymore. Even if paper order forms are used, they're punched into a computer, which tracks the progress of the order, and sometimes even fulfills it. Internal communications, be it phone calls, emails, or video conferences run over the network. Whether you're looking at your existing network, or building a new one from scratch, you can think about your company's network as a kingdom of virtual castles,

  • Aliens No More

    Aliens No More This month it was announced that SETI@home, perhaps the most famous volunteer mass computing project, is going into hibernation on the 31st of March.  SETI@home was one of those rare projects that brought massively distributed computing into the public view.  It launched BOINC (pronounced “boink”) at UC Berkeley, and contributed enormously towards our ability to bring citizen-scientists, amateur technicians, and other members of the public into an easy-to-understand scenario where they could use their home computers to help with computational jobs that would simply be intractable for the organizations doing the research. What was SETI@home? The Search

  • Deep Core Data - Existing Data

    Who does what to my website?

    We are often asked what exactly do we do? Most people are far removed from the creation of their website and are not sure how the different parts interact. The fact is that the creation of a website is far removed from the daily operation of one. This article provides a fast over view of the website business.

  • The Logic of Laptops

    The Logic of Laptops If you’ve read my colleague’s “In Defense of Desktops,” John goes to great lengths to point out the advantages of provisioning your employees with good, old-fashioned towers. And while I agree that laptops aren’t right for every person’s needs, I respectfully disagree with his determination that the desktop should be king.                 I can’t argue with the cost; A desktop will nearly always cost less than a laptop with similar specs. However, after looking at a few big-name business model desktops, I see that many laptops will run, on average, only about $100-$200 more than comparable