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  • The Logic of Laptops

    The Logic of Laptops If you’ve read my colleague’s “In Defense of Desktops,” John goes to great lengths to point out the advantages of provisioning your employees with good, old-fashioned towers. And while I agree that laptops aren’t right for every person’s needs, I respectfully disagree with his determination that the desktop should be king.                 I can’t argue with the cost; A desktop will nearly always cost less than a laptop with similar specs. However, after looking at a few big-name business model desktops, I see that many laptops will run, on average, only about $100-$200 more than comparable

  • How Much Should I Spend on IT?

    How much should small and medium businesses be spending per user on IT? Less than you're spending on their Social Security tax.

  • The Latest Trend in Technology is… Bike Sharing?

    The commute to work can include sitting in traffic, taking a train, or jumping between buses. Bike sharing is the low-tech solution to a high-tech problem.

  • Can Security Keys Prevent Phishing?

    Two-factor authentication has been the form of account security, but is it enough? Security keys may be the next step up in keeping your information safe.

  • “Do I Have a Legacy System?” and Other Important Questions

    How old is the computer in your office? Is it two years old? Ten years old? Is it still running on Windows 95? You may be using a legacy system.