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This week, Deep Core Data is starting an outreach to our neighbors here in Waltham and the surrounding areas. For the first several years, our focus was on national and global customers. We’re a Waltham based company, five years running, and now have the opportunity to expand and provide services to local professionals and small businesses.

This winter, we would like the chance to become partners with people and organizations closer to home. While we’ve certainly embraced the benefits of the internet generation, doing business across oceans, we would also like to talk in-person to a customer, and to be next door to help with problems hands-on . We’d like to become the IT department to all businesses in Waltham, regardless of size or complexity, from individual professionals to corporations, anybody looking for a local touch.

To that end, we have offerings fit to every size of business, from the individual financial planner who needs a domain name for their business, all the way up to a multinational manufacturer who needs to deploy software to their army of workers.

Why Having a Single Provider Matters

For the most part, small businesses do a great job just managing their own technology… but there are limitations to this. It requires time and resources that could be used for growing the business instead spending hours updating software and hardware. In a small business, there is always too much demand on a single person, an owner-operator, or independent professional to understand and manage the company’s IT requirements. If that’s working well for a business, we don’t want to get in their way.  If you are ready to grow and need a hand, we can take over the burden. IT doesn’t have to get in the way of your core business.

In a growing business, you need to be able to activate employees quickly and efficiently, so they have access to everything they need, not sensitive information they don’t, and be able to be productive from day one. You need to be able to deactivate them promptly when they’re terminated, so that there is little interruption in the flow of the business. You need to have a plan for if your business is hit by ransomware or suffers from a catastrophic data loss from fire or other natural disaster. These are all just the basics of continuous business planning, and yet, before bringing us onboard, most of our customers often didn’t even have a phone number to call if their email stopped working.

The Economic Argument

An IT Manager’s Salary in Massachusetts can be as high as $130,000 a year[1]. On top of that, you have to factor in all of the direct costs of maintaining email, web presence, social media, to say nothing of laptops, printers, backups, and all the minutiae that comes along with it.  If your company is under 40 employees, it just doesn’t make sense to have a full-time IT person on staff when you can have full-stop IT service  for less.

A Team Is More Durable Than A Person

Having access to a team of people also means that you don’t have to worry about the “famously mercurial IT guy” disappearing and leaving you on the hook when you are down.  Rather than a long and arduous search for your next “IT guy,” you always have access to multiple IT professionals. To quote a famous Sci-Fi movie, why have one when you can have two.


Many of our potential customers think having specialized IT people is out of reach, something that only large corporations can do. Maybe this was true long ago, but IT is all about the future. Today, IT service is in reach. From one-person travel agencies to multinationals, Deep Core Data has already helped companies on three continents become more efficient, control their costs, and focus on their core mission. Now, we are here for Waltham and the surrounding area. We are ready to help local business soar into the future.

Give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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