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Managing IT In the Work from Home Era

Managing IT In the Work from Home Era There are a lot of reasons that the new push to work from home can be a positive experience for users. From an IT perspective, the ever-evolving meaning of the word “workspace” can pose a challenge. While IT support can be implemented in many situations over the

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Lock It Down

Lock It Down A few weeks ago, a client asked what the best way was to configure his Windows computer so that nobody could see his personal information when he stepped away. However, he also wanted all of his tasks and programs opened when he returned.  This reminded me that locking my computer is a

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How to Deal with Business-Critical IT Problems

How to Deal with Business-Critical IT Problems Information technology can both foster and hinder productivity in the workplace.  We use it to instantaneously communicate with clients, colleagues, suppliers, and vendors across multiple platforms in different time zones, regions, and countries.  Delays and interruptions in these communications are the cause of many IT related incidents and

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The World’s Most Wanted Unauthorized Account Access

The World's Most Wanted Unauthorized Account Access By now you have probably heard that you should use strong, unique passwords everywhere. And, MFA (multi-factor authentication) wherever it is available. Especially prioritizing your finance, email and video game accounts, because those are the ones most likely to be targeted by account theives. Today, I want to

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Passwords and Data Security

Passwords and Data Security One of the biggest risks to a company’s data can be password security.  What kinds of rules are the best to implement for your users?  What best practices allow companies to feel secure in allowing their users to navigate the complex world of company resources, whether they are in the cloud

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Simple Questions

Simple Questions Lately, I've been thinking about an interesting phenomenon. Specifically, asking questions with seemingly obvious answers can help resolve issues. At the same time, it is vital to ask those questions in more empathetic ways.At a previous workplace, I was contacted by an employee at a satellite location. This employee was  trying  to set

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