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A Glimpse Into The Future

A Glimpse Into The Future Welcome to the brave new world. The civilized world is going through its first major pandemic since the advent of the information age. Around the Earth, nations have enacted policies that are crippling their economies in the hope of slowing the spread of an extraordinarily virulent disease.  Huge swaths of

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Aliens No More

Aliens No More This month it was announced that SETI@home, perhaps the most famous volunteer mass computing project, is going into hibernation on the 31st of March.  SETI@home was one of those rare projects that brought massively distributed computing into the public view.  It launched BOINC (pronounced “boink”) at UC Berkeley, and contributed enormously towards

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Windows 7 Support Ends

(Boring facts by John Brewer. Good writing by Joseph Guerrero.) Welcome friends and family and thank you for coming to this sad event. We gather together not to mourn but to celebrate the life of a great program. Let us pray. I’m writing this on 14 January 2020, the last day of support for Windows

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Deep Core 2020

Happy New Year! Deep Core 2020 A new decade is starting, and Deep Core Data is deploying a new set of services, tools, and options for our customer in 2020! In 2018 and 2019, we talked with our customers about their challenges and frustrations.  We’ve talked to them about what we liked.  We’ve even had

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How to Uncover a Scam: A Case Study

How to Uncover a Scam: A Case Study The steady rain of scams on the internet is familiar to almost everyone.  Automation technology has allowed the emergence of a plethora of fake companies online. With a little effort, anyone can put up a decent-looking website and roll out an online presence that passes initial scrutiny,

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Being And Serving Local Business

Being And Serving Local Business This week, Deep Core Data is starting an outreach to our neighbors here in Waltham and the surrounding areas. For the first several years, our focus was on national and global customers. We’re a Waltham based company, five years running, and now have the opportunity to expand and provide services

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Institutional Knowledge and the rise of SharePoint and Wikis

Institutional Knowledge and the rise of SharePoint and Wikis How an organization stores institutional knowledge is a major challenge within any company.  At Deep Core, we’ve used a number of different techniques internally, and we’ve deployed a number of techniques for our customers.  The dreaded question of “how do we do this?” is a common

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