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Being And Serving Local Business

Being And Serving Local Business This week, Deep Core Data is starting an outreach to our neighbors here in Waltham and the surrounding areas. For the first several years, our focus was on national and global customers. We’re a Waltham based company, five years running, and now have the opportunity to expand and provide services

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Institutional Knowledge and the rise of SharePoint and Wikis

Institutional Knowledge and the rise of SharePoint and Wikis How an organization stores institutional knowledge is a major challenge within any company.  At Deep Core, we’ve used a number of different techniques internally, and we’ve deployed a number of techniques for our customers.  The dreaded question of “how do we do this?” is a common

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Virtual Machines, Containers, and Orchestrators

Virtual Machines, Containers, and Orchestrators: What Do Those Terms Mean? Terminology is a wall that is hard to see over. It is easy to get confused by the cascade of terminology coming out of various software providers, and sometimes it's not obvious what the Next Big Thing is until long after it established itself.  By

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Announcing the DCD Portal

Announcing the DCD Portal This September 2019 we are announcing a major new upgrade to our website, the Deep Core Data Portal.  After consulting with our customers, we incorporated their most-requested features to make communicating with DCD better than ever. Our new portal will allow both current and future customers the ability to manage and

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In Defense of the Desktop

In Defense of the Desktop Computer Desktop Computers just make for a more comfortable environment. In recent years, I've seen a number of articles decrying the end of the Desktop Computer.  They are a relic of a bygone age, and all users should have now is a laptop and maybe, maybe a dock so they

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