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No-Touch Services

Fully Remote Managed Services We've all had to adjust in the age of Coronavirus, and Deep Core Data is no exception. In addition to doing the vast majority of our work from home, we've taken the relatively low-touch contact we've had with customers all the way down to no-touch. One of the most difficult processes

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Voting Online: Why It Hasn’t Happened

Voting Online: Why It Hasn't Happened As vote-by-mail discussions have taken frontstage in the 2020 election cycle in the US, many people are questioning why we can do almost everything online today except vote. Moreover, there's no serious discussion of implementing online voting in the United States at any level. Other than a few one-off

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence? Whether it's called AI, Business Intelligence, or Deep Learning, we're well and truly living in an age where Artificial Intelligence is everywhere around us, and widely used in every day applications. But what is AI? And what makes it different from regular old computer programs we've been using for decades? Let's

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Digital Fortresses: A Paradigm For Thinking About Your Network

Digital Fortresses: A Paradigm For Thinking About Your Network Even before the Coronavirus pandemic, a company's network was the center of its operations. Few companies in the US use paper primarily for communicating information anymore. Even if paper order forms are used, they're punched into a computer, which tracks the progress of the order, and

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Saving Costs During A Pandemic

Saving Costs Here in the US business is just trying to get back on their feet after weeks of lockdown, but there's still the ominous threat of having to go back in the fall. So, whether you need to close down because of the pandemic or, in better times, because you're a seasonal business, let's

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A Glimpse Into The Future

A Glimpse Into The Future Welcome to the brave new world. The civilized world is going through its first major pandemic since the advent of the information age. Around the Earth, nations have enacted policies that are crippling their economies in the hope of slowing the spread of an extraordinarily virulent disease.  Huge swaths of

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Aliens No More

Aliens No More This month it was announced that SETI@home, perhaps the most famous volunteer mass computing project, is going into hibernation on the 31st of March.  SETI@home was one of those rare projects that brought massively distributed computing into the public view.  It launched BOINC (pronounced “boink”) at UC Berkeley, and contributed enormously towards

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Windows 7 Support Ends

(Boring facts by John Brewer. Good writing by Joseph Guerrero.) Welcome friends and family and thank you for coming to this sad event. We gather together not to mourn but to celebrate the life of a great program. Let us pray. I’m writing this on 14 January 2020, the last day of support for Windows

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Deep Core 2020

Happy New Year! Deep Core 2020 A new decade is starting, and Deep Core Data is deploying a new set of services, tools, and options for our customer in 2020! In 2018 and 2019, we talked with our customers about their challenges and frustrations.  We’ve talked to them about what we liked.  We’ve even had

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