Announcing the DCD Portal

This September 2019 we are announcing a major new upgrade to our website, the Deep Core Data Portal.  After consulting with our customers, we incorporated their most-requested features to make communicating with DCD better than ever. Our new portal will allow both current and future customers the ability to manage and monitor their projects and services with DCD. Here are some of the features you can expect to see:

Online Ordering & Estimates:

One of the most common things we’ve heard from customers, especially our small business customers, is that they are afraid of reaching out to a Managed Service Provider even if they think they might need one, because they’re afraid of high-pressure sales.  In today’s world of constant spam and robocalls, that’s an understandable reasonable fear.  To that end, we’ve put our most common services in our online store.  Colocation and IT support are two cornerstones of our business.  We’re pleased to provide a simple interface for getting an easy, clear estimate from DCD.  We believe that being as straight-forward with our pricing will help our customers plan their expenses better, minus the up sale.  With our new ordering interface, we intend to introduce that level of transparency right from the start.

Online Invoicing:

Sometimes customers have complicated cashflow situations; either that their work is seasonal, have long-lead orders, or they just don’t have a predicable business cycle.  We certainly understand that!  Now customers can manage their invoices online. We also now will be to accept credit card payments for many transactions.   

Online Project Management:

Many of our customers are billed by the hour. Often, they want to know on a day-by-day basis what their hourly usage is, and how those hours have been spent.  By pulling data directly from our timekeeping system, we can now keep our customers updated on exactly what charges they are accumulating, and how much time has been spent on each of their projects.

The Future:

We will be adding new features to the Deep Core Data Portal in the future.  If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see, be sure to send an email to with your thoughts.  We’ll be making further announcements as new capabilities, offerings, and extras become available.

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