2. The power of belief

“…[T]here could be something amazing just around the corner and if you put the blinders on you will never see it.”

This may seem hokey, but it really is true that in order to achieve it, you must believe it. Surround yourself with people who actually believe in what you’re trying to do (and it’s important to note that believers are very different from yes-men). The odds may be stacked against you, and there will be people who will do their best to remind you of that fact. They may think that they’re being helpful by keeping your expectations low, but the problem is that surrounding yourself with such negativity is discouraging. Your failure becomes a self-fulling prophecy.  Getting rid of the naysayers won’t magically lead to your success, but a strong support network and a positive attitude will make every endeavor that much easier. There are going to be setbacks and hardships, but these are simply a part of life. The important thing is being able to bounce back, and when you have people on your side to cheer you on, finding the motivation and strength to keep going isn’t such a daunting task.

It’s also important to find the purpose in what you’re making. Address the problem you want to solve in the way you think is best, and put your heart behind it. When you truly believe in what you’re doing, other people will pick up on that fact and be drawn to your cause. “You have to have a clear idea of where you’re going,” says entrepreneur and business coach Brett Fox, “and you have to be able to succinctly articulate your vision to your investors, customers, partners, and employees. No one will follow you if they don’t buy into your vision.” Not everyone will have a need for your product or service, but those who don’t may know someone who does. By being genuine in your approach, you can cultivate a network of relationships with people who want to see you succeed. These people will recommend you to others, or offer advice when you are stuck and in need of support. One of humanity’s greatest strengths lies in our ability to help each other.

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